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RonaDeck Tree Pit Resin

Tree Pit System
Tree Pit System

RonaDeck Tree Pit System is a UV stable natural aggregate finish surround for planted trees. An alternative to costly metal grilles, it surrounds the tree in a solid yet flexible construction which prevents litter build up. The natural stone aggregate is porous, allowing water to permeate through and the tree to feed and grow.

The resin itself is easy to use. Simply pour into a forced action mixer on top of the aggregate. Once aggregate is thoroughly coated, the mixture can be applied to the prepared surface. A thin layer provides greater porosity, while it is also important to leave some space around the trunk to allow movement and growth.

Please note this product contains RESIN ONLY. Aggregates are supplied separately.


  • Resin bound aggregate surround for trees

  • Permeable semi-flexible paving for planted areas

  • For internal and external use

  • Decorative arboricultural landscaping

  • Alternative to loose soil and metal gratings


  • Attractive natural aggregate appearance

  • Highly porous allowing tree to feed

  • UV stable non yellowing resin

  • Recycled aggregates available

  • Anti-slip surface dressing increases safety

  • Unaffected by water

  • Eliminates glass, needle, hazardous materials and dog waste


  • RonaDeck Tree Pit resin should only be used with clean, kiln dried aggregates. All aggregates we provide are suitable for use with the resin aggregates

  • The two part resin should be used with suitable aggregates


  • 0.33m² @ 50mm per 1.5kg pack

  • 1.33m² @ 50mm per 6kg pack

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