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Looking for a Watco product?

You will be pleasantly surprised by our everyday prices and special offers.

For example, our range of RonaBond Repair Mortars cost on average £1.99 per kg, while the equivalent range of Watco products are an average of £8.25 per kg. Specifically, Watco Concrex costs £156 for 25kg; RonaFloor Epoxy Floor Repair Mortar is £81 for 25kg. If your patio needs some attention try our Adawall Block Paving and Patio Sealer, a snip at £22.10 compared with Watco's £48.50. So, if you were searching for Watco, why not give us a try.  You'll soon see the savings mount up!

Featured Products

Ronafix Admixture for Bonding and Bedding

£ 43.40
£ 52.08 inc VAT

Ronafix The Admixture for Waterproof Rendering and Tanking

£ 43.40
£ 52.08 inc VAT

Ronafix Admixture for Screeds

£ 43.40
£ 52.08 inc VAT

Ronafix Universal Waterproofing Additive 5L

£ 87.41
£ 104.89 inc VAT

Ronafix Universal Waterproofing Additive 220 Litres

£ 804.51
£ 965.41 inc VAT

Ronafix Pre-packed Floating Screed

£ 33.08
£ 39.69 inc VAT